Sunday, January 25, 2015

New Years Day 2015

New Years Eve was pretty chilled around here. Terry went to the party at the church he had organized for the high schoolers. I was home with the kids and stayed up too late reading a book I couldn't put down. In all, both of us didn't get to sleep until 3am. We slept the latest the kids would allow (8am) and got on with our day. 

Terry went out with the kids in the afternoon (b/c he is crazy and a good dad). He expended what little energy he did have rolling snow into huge balls for the kids. Also, take note of the pretty sad looking snowman that Evie had built a couple weeks earlier.

When they were about done playing, Evie demolished her snowman and went about stabbing it with it's fake carrot nose. She's weird like that. And actually, she's outside right this minute, having just destroyed (with another baseball bat) what was left of those huge snow balls Daddy made. 

Rewind to when Daddy was putting the finishing touches on the snow balls.

It was too big for Samuel to climb up on his own. Evie is upside down for unknown, but assuredly very silly, reasons.

They each ended up with their very own snow balls to sit on. I thought those things would never melt. However, the 50s we've had this week, and Evie's baseball bat beating, have seen to them. 

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