Wednesday, March 19, 2014

snowman killer 2

This last weekend I took some funny pictures of Evie outside with the remnants of a snowman. It reminded me of another snowman when she was just a little wee-thing at about 18 months... 

Terry made this snowman for Noah and Evie in Gothenburg in October of 2009. Strange to think those two punks were the only two we had. Look how cute!!

A couple weeks later our "1st snow man" had melted down to a pretty pitiful pile, with his body parts strewn around him like a backyard battlefield. I just love how she picked up his arm and poked him with it. I said, "And she kills him with his own arm." 

Fast forward four and a half years. Last weekend I looked outside to find her literally beating the brains and guts out of what was left of this snowman with a baseball bat. Look at her vindictive pleasure.

Clearly the girl does not like snowmen. Look at her face!

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