Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Evie reads and labels

As I've mentioned before, Evie's reading book has occasional games. It's nice to break out of the mold sometimes, even if it is more work. It's fun to see her excited about it.

Last week Evie was reviewing the long-a words she has been learning. We wrote down 20 different words and after she read each one she had to place it on an item that made sense to her. A week later I still have the little labels on my oven (bake), dining room chairs (break, place), washing machine (shakes), calendar (May, nail), window screen (ray) and more!

Here she is modeling "brain," "vein," "waist," "great" on her backpack, and a "thumb" for me.

Samuel is very eager to take part as well. He likes his sister. She plays with him. Noah is much more aloof with him. Poor Samuel. I have hopes for he and Ezra.

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