Wednesday, March 12, 2014

2013 Christmas letter

Okay, so this post is very late. I had been meaning to post our 2013 Christmas letter before now but kept forgetting, obviously. I'm only now getting around to it so I can mention, in another post, an update about Samuel's speech. I'm sorry if you didn't receive one of these in real paper and picture form, but, yeah, you know how it goes. Stinking postage.

Merry Christmas from the Six Pack of Biers!

Our new title is all thanks to little Mr. Ezra Benjamin Biers’ timely arrival on May 31, 2013. We prayed and prayed for him to come before June 1st when our deductible reset and low and behold, God heard. We were hoping Ezra would live up to what his name means (“Helper”) and so far he does. He is a wonderful, happy baby (and also our first thumb sucker). He’s been sleeping through the night since 8 weeks and is working on sitting up. We are all crazy about him.

Samuel is two (3 on Feb. 1) and is working on potty training, very slowly. He’s also working on talking, very slowly. His new nickname (besides Destroyer Baby) is Caveman. He grunts a lot. It makes us laugh. He’s a fun, intense boy. The most memorable thing about Samuel this year was when he ran away at Canyon Lake during a party. He was found minutes later near the largest pond in the park by a stranger who disappeared (I really wonder if he was a guardian angel).

Evie is five (6 on Mar. 31) and has started Kindergarden at home with Noah and I this year. She’s doing great with her reading and math. She also started Sparks at Awana which she enjoys, mostly for the social aspects (she sure loves her friends). She very much enjoyed Homeschool Co-op for the same reason. She’s such a silly, crazy, fun little girl.

Noah is eight (9 on Apr. 19) and working on getting ahead in 2nd grade so he can join his friends in 3rd grade. Noah’s memorization skills in Truth and Training are pretty impressive. Last year he was involved in a chess class that Terry taught at an elementary school. He also completed some swimming lessons. He’s such a good boy. Seriously.

As for Terry and I, we worked hard (okay, Terry worked very hard) on finishing our basement this year. It’s wonderful to have that area available for the kids now (“Go downstairs, you’re too loud!”). He also finished a new bedroom for Noah and Samuel. Now we have some much needed space for the kids to utilize. My job is pretty straightforward - take care of the four punks. And educate them. And break up fights. I’m thankful for the respite care my folks occasionally provide - haha. 

We’ve had a lot of snow this year, which the kids and grass have loved. Thankfully our power was out only for one day during blizzard Atlas. We also had three big snow storms in the spring and somehow managed to visit my brother and his wife Ana in Watertown in between. They moved back to Rapid City this fall and it’s so great to have them here. My sister Stephanie visited from Washington in September. Terry’s sister Shari and her husband Jesse had their second child just last week - Sarah Lynn. Now Grandma and Grandpa Biers’ grandkids are evened out: 3 boys and 3 girls. No others for the Kveene side yet!

We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision this year. Terry is loving his job at Parkview E-Free and I am so happy to be able to stay home with the four punks. We wish you blessings this year and that the light of the Lord would shine on you. 

The Six Pack of Biers (

This is the photo we included with the letter.

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