Sunday, June 29, 2008

last ones for a while

If the title is confusing, read the post after this one and everything will be clear.

Here is Evie yesterday morning, the last day with our great, great camera. I thought I'd put up all of the photos I took since they're the last ones for a while and she's so cute.

upsetting news

So, Terry left last night for Salt Lake City with the youth group from here and a neighboring one, who own their own bus - the youth pastor has a CDL. I talked to him last night and they were going to drive all night. This morning as I was just about to go to church with the kids he called again in a big hurry wanting me to see if I could find serial numbers for his palm pilot and our camera. Why? B/c they were stolen off the bus. Yes, it totally sucks.

They got to Salt Lake City and had stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and neglected to lock the bus...perhaps a habit from small town living, I don't know. So, someone who looked like a homeless person got on the bus and stole Terry's backpack and 3 other people's stuff. Terry had important stuff in there! Our great camera (yeah, sorry grammas and grampas, aunts and uncle and anyone else who cares to see our pictures, you won't be seeing new pictures on here for a while), Terry's new palm pilot (sorry Jerry), his phone and palm chargers, Bible, other books, notes (important speaking notes for Terry's gig for a camp in WI at the end of July) and high school youth group checkbook.

His phone was almost dead and hel-lo, he had no way of charging it. But instead of buying a charger, since it was cheaper and his contract was up, he just got a new phone - it was definitely time, believe me. So that's something good - I can still talk to my husband when he has time.

So, besides missing Terry, we're a little upset this stuff is gone. I've been trying to remember that it's just stuff but it still really erks me. I LOVE taking pictures of our kids. Terry's gonna call our insurance guy and see if our renter's insurance will cover any of this. The checks have all been cancelled. I don't know what he'll do about his notes and books though. Ug.

Sorry for the downer. =(

Saturday, June 28, 2008

creative husband

Here is a poem, in it's entirety, that "Noah" and Terry wrote for the girl who saved Noah, Kenzi...and you should feel lucky b/c she hasn't got it yet since she's at camp but I had to share it here b/c it's soooo cute...:

Thank you dear Kenzi for
rescuing me
When I was attacked by a
vicious bee.
He stung my poor arm
But you killed him dead,
And it's a good thing
Cause he was after my head
The wasp was stuck in my skin
And seized all around,
But with a swing of your hand
He crashed to the ground.
My arm is all better
My nightmares are gone
And in appreciation
I give you this song.

Friday, June 27, 2008

for Shari

These were taken yesterday but I figured I had already done enough for one day...=) when it rains it pours I guess. Anyway, this is Noah watching the Hallmark card that Shari sent us for our anniversary last week. It's got a cat and a dog (?) saying congratulations and how we should go out and do more good stuff b/c even though they don't know what we did that was good, it was "card worthy." (I wonder if you can view the card here: ) When I get on the computer Noah has been asking to watch the "dance," which is of course what the cat and dog do after they're done saying congratulations. I taught him how to play the message over and over and he really loves it.
So there Shari, I hope this makes you want to visit even more, b/c I can't wait and I'm way sad for Saturday and will need company ASAP!

Here he is going in to click for another showing of the dance.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

last night

The poor boy had a difficult night last... I brought him and Evie to junior high youth group at the building last night. At 730 it was definitely time for Evie to go to bed but Noah had had a good nap that day and not much time with daddy so I let him stay and one of the lady leaders would bring him home. At like 815 Terry called and said to get my nursing skills ready b/c Noah had been stung by a wasp =(. It was strange b/c he didn't cry at all while Terry was on the phone but he sure did when they got home. On his left forearm there was a little red, swollen bite. I cleaned it off, iced it, put cortisone and a band-aid on it and put the boy to bed.
What happened was Terry was taking the trash out the back door of the building and when he turned to come back in there were several wasps trying to attack him. He grabbed a stick and fought them off and got the door closed. When he came around front, Noah was crying in the arms of his Sunday night (high school youth group night) 8th grade babysitter, Kenzi. There must be a nest of some sort in the door or around there and one of the wasps came inside and stung Noah, who always sticks close to daddy. He cried and Kenzi being right there, helped him out. She said she thought he was more scared than hurt b/c the wasp was still on his arm twitching around and he of course didn't know what to do. So she swatted it off him and took him outside. Terry brought him right home and the lady leaders where nice enough to clean and lock up the building.
Today Noah remembers the whole thing but doesn't complain of pain. He says his band-aid is a watch. =)

the mohawk

I've been unhappily waiting for Evie's hair to fall out. You see, Noah's hair began to fall out somewhere between 3-6mos. Now, Evie is 12wks old and I don't think her hair has fallen out yet...perhaps it's even been (gasp) growing! It doesn't look as thick, but I think that's because her head has grown and her hair is trying to catch up.
Everybody LOVES her hair. I wash it on Saturday nights so it looks it's best at church and after that is over, her hair is all greasy from everybody petting her head. Yeah, everyone loves to comment on her mohawk. There's simply nothing I can do about it b/c of her cowlick - where her hair swirls in the back. It's the exact same place as Terry and Noah's cowlick, the right corner of her crown. Half the hair goes left from the swirl and the other half goes straight forward from there and just stands up. It's so cute! I think it's gotten more noticeable b/c her hair must be longer.

You can see Terry also needs a haircut. Yes, the poor guy has so much hair it just grows straight out - "the clown sides" as we so fondly refer to them when they reach this stage.
I thought it would be nice to have Noah in the photo as well but as you can see from the next three, he has a difficult time sitting still enough.

Terry was banging Evie's hands on the table at lunch chanting, I want more food! She thought it was enjoyable and distracted her from her continual crying.

the converses

My mom crotchet (sp?) these cute little converse shoes for Evie. This is the only outfit of hers that's closest to matching them so here she is with them on. Way to go Erma Bean (translated from the original Noaheze: Gramma Kveene)

Evie likes to talk to her mommy.

This is what Noah does most of the day - plays with his cars.

red juice

I sometimes make smoothies when we have strawberries. I used to make them A LOT but we got tired of them so I've just been using the strawberries on my oatmeal. Now I'm kinda tired of that. But anyway, Noah asked for red juice, which is a smoothie. He enjoys them so much he tries to get every last drop out of the cup by inverting it on his face. He had a big cup this day and you can see the outline of the top of the cup on his face with the remnants of smoothie.
Terry has discovered that putting Evie on his shoulders sometimes calms her fussiness. Too bad she moved and is all blurry but you get the idea.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

the unveiling

Due to Noah's short attention span and Terry's busy schedule, I just received my Mother's Day gift last week. I'm not complaining, I just think it's kind of funny. Noah would drag out all these markers and supplies and draw in this book that I didn't know what was and wasn't supposed to know (I never peeked...ever). I got tired of cleaning up my own gift! So now I finally get to see what it is. Ta da!

So these are Noah's drawings from this year. Terry had this great idea that we could keep using this book every year to measure his artistic progression - see how good he gets as the years go by. So maybe we'll do that, if we remember.
My favorite part is the first paragraph, "Happy Mother's Day Eva! Wow! Sorry I'm so late w/Noah and I's project - I'm sure Evie would have contributed too, but , well, yeah, she's still learning to look LEFT =)" HA! Poor little Evie, she's getting there though. I think her ears are more even due to the wedge sleeping. She still doesn't really like to look left, but I'd like to think she's looking forward more and more. That's forward progression!
And yes, Noah and Evie did sign their names...with Daddy's help.

too many raindrops, run run run!

Yesterday it downpoured here. There was even some hail. Me and Noah went out in the garage to watch but ended up running out to the gutter and jumping in to the running water. It was fun!

Poor little robin. She was taking refuge under Terry's Blazer. I just thought it was kind of funny. She's probably worrying about her kids up in some tree. =)

Friday, June 20, 2008

a good night but sad morning

Here we are doing the corny take-your-own-picture-which-unfortunately-didn't-turn-out-so-well thing in front of Ruby Tuesday where we had dinner at for our anniversary last night. Afterwards we went to Indiana Jones at the theater and almost had the place to ourselves...except for about 6 other people. We really liked the movie and only thought it was over the top when they went down 3 huge waterfalls and survived. Ha. Couldn't quite escape G-burg though as we ran into some high schoolers afterwards in the lobby. I made Terry blush joking about staying for another movie with the kids accompanied by my pump in the back row...and sound effects. Then we shared some really really rich Cold Stone Giardelli chocolate ice cream. Yum. Came home to find the baby crying and ready for bed.
Here's what Evie did while we were almost gone - modeled the blanket my mom made for her.
Okay, now we're definately gone and Noah and Evie, or mostly Noah, are enjoying an afternoon video.
Evie ready for bed.
So, I think we all enjoyed my parents visit and I was definately sad to see them go this morning. Back to doing my own dishes and letting Evie cry. Ho hum.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

hanging out

My dad has found that after a long nap on her back, Evie likes to have a back scratch. Here he is giving her one...and making a silly face.
Normal face. Evie looks a little concerned.

Noah is cleaning his pool with the car washing brush.
Daddy is attempting to find just the right position for Evie to be comfy in. Hasn't found it yet.
So he decides to eat her head. At least she's no longer crying. She's looking at me like I'm weird but look at the face her daddy's making!

do you know what this means?

Yesterday my mom and I decided to test drive Evie with a bottle. I had never tried before and had my doubts b/c she doesn't like a pacifier that much - just to help get her to sleep. But she took it right away and did really well!

Happy extended 4th anniversary Terry and Eva! You get to have dinner AND see a movie thanks to this! North Platte here we come!

I'm getting used to messes

This is too funny and hopefully Terry won't be too embarassed...and if he is you'll never know b/c I'll have to erase this post. I was sitting here on our laptop chatting with a youth group kid on facebook when Noah comes over with his legs well apart and walking real slow says, "Very careful." I was immediately concerned and said "Why are you being careful? Did you poop?" I checked his pants and sure enough, a deposit had been made. I took him to the potty and sit him on it and he says over and over "too late, too late." HA! He'll get it one of these days, right?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


My parent's have been here since Friday and it's been nice having some company while Terry is at work, someone to hold Evie while I make dinner so I don't have to listen to the crying (Evie likes to be held A LOT), someone to help out around the house, someone to make Noah sit on the potty so I can feed Evie or make dinner or fold laundry or whatever.
For instance, my dad mowed the lawn for Terry since this week is VBS and he's much more busy (didn't really get his day off). I was drawn outside b/c Noah was pulling all the little blossoms off the front bush and I thought the pile he was making would make a cute picture.
His conquering pile...of flowers


Coming to get mommy.

car wash

Saturday heralded the second youth group fundraising car wash that Terry organized. They washed 25 cars and I don't know how much they made but the money will go towards the Challenge trip that's in a week. They're going to Salt Lake City for the E-Free church's national conference. Terry and I have both been to the conference as students with our home church so it'll be fun for him to go again. Perhaps I can go next year. =(
It was fun to think back to last year when the car wash was one of the first events he did with the kids. The first three photos are from last year. Look how little Noah is! And still he wanted to help.
Here is Lindsay, the pastor's daughter, that we've got to know over this last year.

Father and son hanging out after the car wash - see how Noah imitates everything Terry does, even reading the paper. =)

These are pictures from this year's car wash. Here is Lindsay again but this time with Evie!

Noah only wanted to play at the end this year. He and his daddy had a water fight. Terry was a good sport and let Noah spray him with the hose.

He might have gotten himself as well.

Evie hanging out with Lindsay again.