Sunday, January 25, 2015

2014 ranch Christmas

After we finished our family Christmas celebration at our own house, we drove out to the ranch in the snow. It was so pretty! We decided to open up gifts before lunch so Ezra and Sarah could nap sooner. Here's everyone getting ready. Notice Noah busy at work putting together a small Lego toy he got earlier... He didn't want to stop!

Find a seat people! Atta boy Jesse ;)

Was it necessary for Grace and Evie to share a chair? No. But I guess in their mind it was. Evie's got her new doll from my folks. 

The tree and pile...and snow! 

Shari, Jesse, Sarah and a slice of Grace. 

I mostly only took photos beforehand. Oops. Shari's new dog (Sugar, on her lap) and Snap came along for the fun. Sugar is a Dachshund/Miniature Schnauzer mix, so she looks like a low-rider Snap (he's a Schnauzer too). Since he's bigger, Snap thinks he is the alpha dog. But he thinks that with bigger dogs too.

Jerry and Terry examining the annual photo album I make.

Samuel loves his tractor. The following day he took it out to scoop snow. Next we had a delicious and huge lunch and lots of afternoon game time.

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