Sunday, January 11, 2015

2014 YG leader party

The weekend before Christmas Terry had all the Youth Group leaders over for a Christmas party. Noah and Evie got to stay up late and participate in the white elephant gift exchange. But poor Terry had a difficult time with Ezra until it was finally bedtime...

This photo makes me laugh. And feel bad. "Is it bedtime yet?!"

Evie scored some sweet little girls gifts - a My Little Pony pillow and Princess Ana coloring board. And Jordan and Natasha got some girlie stuff too.

Ah, David and Ben. Funny dudes. Pretty sure Ben was going to give that soap dispenser to his poor mother for Christmas.

Meghan and Jazmin. Love these girls! Noah adopted Jazzy's glasses. Which are now in the garbage. Haha. 

Go-go gadget Egberts! They never quit. 

 Kolton and Caleb. At least we didn't get stuck with that popcorn.

Ryan and Sammie and Noah. Apparently this is the only face he makes for pictures anymore. 

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