Tuesday, December 30, 2014

blue climbing Ezra

I was making dinner last week when it grew ominously quiet and I wondered where Ezra was. But being busy in the kitchen, I didn't want to stop and go look for him. My mistake! He came upstairs shortly thereafter looking like this.

Turns out he had climbed on the school table, plucked a blue crayon from the turntable and went to town devouring it. Or at least he chewed it up until it was mush and made a mess with it on the wall and carpet. A Norwex cloth took it all out in a jiffy so no harm was done and he went back to demolishing the book shelf (grrrr). But why will he eat crayons but not his dinner? Little punk.

And just two nights ago he pulled this little stunt: Climbing up onto the play kitchen. I don't know how he could even do that! He was trying to make baskets into the basketball hoop with play kitchen toys. Until he pulled the hoop over on himself... He also climbs into his high chair and the kitchen table where he's not supposed to be. And of course he's all over the top of our furniture. We've never had such a monkey climber before. Such mischief he gets into!

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  1. Oh, Ez! Glad the Norwex cloth took care of the crayon in the carpet! Perhaps you have a future basketball player?? :)