Wednesday, December 3, 2014

halloween 2014

While Terry was doing his annual Fall Retreat... 

...I took the kids trick or treating. Usually Terry does it while I hand out candy. Thankfully I didn't have to go by myself. Shari, Jesse, Grace and Sarah all came along as well. At homeschool co-op that week I had scored two costumes for free. Samuel got to be a Power Ranger and Ezra got to be a little Incredible. His costume was quite big, but under his coat, he just looked chunky, and actually, they all did. Ezra was Jack Jack because he also is a dangerous attack baby. Evie was Princess Ana from Frozen and Noah was Darth Vader. Grace was Tinkerbell so Sarah was Tinkerbell's baby sister. Evie gave Grace that outfit last year when she outgrew it She was so cute when she was three (and still is of course)! 
Crying Ezra just cracks me up!

I found Noah's costume at a garage sale last summer and sadly, it didn't come with a helmet. But the hood worked since he was actually a sith lord.

We went further and did more trick or treating than they had ever done before. We went down our street and then almost all the way to the top before cutting over to the parallel street north of us. We went down that and all the back to the top where it connects with our street and then back down ours. The kids were majorly done. And it was super cold! 

But really, it was fun. We got a ton of candy and are still trying to finish it. One candy a day takes a while. Plus, we had to keep what we bought to give away because I completely missed the window to give away candy while I was out. Oh well. More chocolate for me. 

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