Friday, December 19, 2014

Christmas Storybook Island 2014

So perhaps this will become a yearly post since it's so fun going to Storybook Island to view all their Christmas lights. That and I learned to take better photos, sort of. Although, the price did go up this year. It was $12 for all of us to get in, but since that supports Storybook Island, it's worth it. 

I made everyone stop before they ran off so I could get a shot. It was a gorgeous evening for this - not too cold.

I was pretty outraged when I heard on the news that some idiots broke into Storybook Island not long before they were set to open and cut or destroyed a ton of their lights. Ding dongs. Glad they were able to fix everything in time. 

Here's the Three Little Pigs House. The kids kept pointing out how the big bad wolf on top of the chimney was dressed up as Santa.

We had the littles all snuggled up in the double stroller - which is a bear to push with the bigger boy in front. But he wants in and out so it worked. 

They're all headed to Pooh's tunnel. This is my favorite part of the park, lit or unlit. We spent a lot of time playing here as kids and it still seems magical. 

Cheese in the tunnel! 

Pretty tree house. 

I climbed over a line of Christmas lights and onto a bench  to get a better view of the park.

Pretty sure it was a full moon that night too. Perfect!

I love this one.

 And one more.

At this point we were nearing the exit. Santa was on the deck of that building with the icicle lights. Long line! 

This was near Smokey Bear's house. Is that right? Maybe that's just what I call it.

Here's the end of the line in the baby area. 

Rock on for having a nativity Storybook Island! 

Since our first walk through was so fast we decided to go again. We took our photo with the Santa who had no line. 

The tree house again because I love it. 

The kids would have loved to go on the new train but our cash was gone. I was glad for that.  

Ready to go home and go to bed. Fun night! 

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