Thursday, December 4, 2014

backyard wildlife

Apparently fall is the time for wildlife (besides my kids) to visit our back yard. When we first moved into this house, we had a lot more turkey and deer wander through so I can only guess that Snap has scared them away. They come back in the fall though. They like our apples. 

November 8th was a beautiful day and during lunch I happened to look out back and see all sorts of animals out there. There was the group/"rafter" of turkeys as well as a small doe and two squirrels! The squirrels were too quick and far away to get a group shot, but I got a shot of the rest before the deer moved on. 

The proximately to the hills and open spaces (the National Guard camp behind our house) with more wildlife than is perhaps usual for in-town living, is one thing I love about where we live. Also, the neighborhood is very nice and the layout of our house is just perfect for our needs. I had originally wanted a house close to the church (and still do when there's a lot of running back and forth), but I'm very content right here. 

The silly turkey kept trying to spear the apple with his beak. Or perhaps he was getting little bites of it that way. I don't know. In any case, it was funny.

Instead of throwing away all of the bruised apples that we collected from the ground, we threw them into the field over the National Guard fence, hoping the deer would find them. We were right! Mostly it was a couple does and their little ones who came by, but one night we had a nice looking buck! Yummy apples.

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