Saturday, December 13, 2014

another gaga ball pit

Not long before Thanksgiving, Terry was approached by a family in our church to built them a gaga ball pit like what he built our Youth Group last year. Gaga ball is a game that can include a whole lot of people and the students love it. I, however, am afraid of it. The object is to hit someone in the legs with a ball and get them out. Then they have to leave the pit. The last one left in the pit wins. "I fell in the pit. We all fell in the pit." HA! Oh, Andy.
This photo is from this year's Fall Retreat.

This family is quite large so they are able to fully utilize the pit. Plus, Terry made it a little less heavy duty so it'll be easier for them to move. He made all the cuts at home and then he, David (a YG leader), Parker (a YG student), Noah, Evie and a few of the family's kids screwed all the pieces together. 

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