Thursday, December 18, 2014

tree hunting 2014

We were on the ball this year for tree hunting. We bought our tag early and headed out the very next day after Thanksgiving. The weather was gorgeous and we had a new plan for where to hunt - up Nemo Road, which is actually extremely close to our house. I had specific directions but since we were worried we had passed the turn we stopped when we happened to see a bunch of spruce trees next to a creek and a bridge. 
Poor kids. The sun was blinding them.

On our way over to begin hunting I was temporarily spellbound by the view from the bridge. Untouched beauty.

After crossing the bridge we trudged east through the snow next to the road's shoulder scoping out the trees down the hill. 

Ezra was wiggly and wanted to walk too - it was probably easier last year to haul him around in his little car seat bucket. Because when I did put him down to walk, he fell over, got snow on his hands and cried. Next year will be simpler.  

 Having seen all the trees to the east we turned around and searched west of the bridge.

This was a potential but we passed it up. Perhaps my brother got it though since they came here too a few days later.  

Samuel liked the saw. 

We walked back to where we started and decided on this little tree. It was just right. Not too tall or wide and pretty full for a spruce.  
Evie's face cracks me up.

It sure wasn't very, I mean my husband is one strong lumberjack. :) 

Victory march. 

"Wait! Stop for a picture!" 

While Terry got the tree tied down the rest of us admired the stream. And the kids tried to throw ice chunks down and break that thick ice over the stream, which of course didn't work.

I managed to get one good shot of all of them. Not in birth order like I wanted, but good enough. 

We were just having Noah take our photo in front of the car like we usually do when Terry unexpectedly grabbed me and did this. Noah said it was "disgusting" and Terry replied, "Just wait until you get a wife. It's awesome." 

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