Thursday, December 18, 2014

the cutest lost Evie photos

While I was making my yearly photo and photo book order online earlier this month, I was searching through old albums and found these forgotten Evie pictures that my sister took! Little Evie was just a little toddler with the very best baby cheeks of all four of my kids. We must have been visiting home, probably for Shari and Jesse's wedding

Unfortunately these are downloaded from facebook because I don't know if Steph still has the originals...

Look at her face! She was just so incredibly cute. Of course she still is, but she was my only girl baby and that's special.

I miss her as a baby.

Contemplative Evie 

And here's the money shot. I wish these weren't grainy but you get the idea. She's adorable.

Under my parents cherry tree. 

Walking around in the grass. 

Big blue eyes, big chubby cheeks and lots of messy hair. 

Rocks are fun when you're a baby. 

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