Saturday, December 13, 2014

Noah's mini mixels

Noah and Evie's last allowance purchase were a pair of Lego Mixels. Mixels are just small, inexpensive, funny looking Lego creatures that Noah saw in his Lego magazine. We bought one for Samuel too. 

Noah likes to make "creations" and was inspired by the Mixels to make something new. He calls them Mini-Mixels. I think they're awesome. I took this photo to send in to the Lego magazine. Perhaps they'll publish it on their Cool Creations page!

Here's a closer view. The one on the right is my favorite. It looks like a bird when it's laying down like I should have had it. Since then he's built like twice this many. 

Evie like creating stuff too, just not as much as Noah. Here is her Lego Friends House photo that we'll submit as well. 

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