Sunday, February 1, 2015

2014 Children's Christmas program

For this year's Christmas program, the little kids performed on Sunday and then the bigger kids program was on the following Wednesday. So this photo was from Evie and Samuel's Sunday performance. Nothing too crazy happened until Martha's little guy Micah, who was next to Samuel, started swinging his arms and dancing around. Near the end of their song Samuel got the idea that it was cool to go ahead and be silly. So he started yelling and jumped a couple times. Luckily they were done after that. It was pretty funny.

There's Evie! She was wearing my sister's old dress from when she was little. Actually, I forgot to buy her a new dress so she wore it for both performances (I'll try harder next year). She also performed a little Christmas solo song on the piano along with a whole bunch of others. We were so proud, especially since she just started in August.

There they all are. 

 Terry left us when he took the camera to take pictures of the kids but I got one shot of him before that. We had to try pretty hard to keep Ezra quiet though. I felt sorry for the custodian who had lots of Cheerios to clean up. 

About 10 of the girls did a little dance performance. Noah was pretty bored at that point. Ha! 

His face was actually pretty blank...until he spotted us. Then he'd grin and wave.  

Pretty girl.

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