Tuesday, February 24, 2015

spicy Ez

 Terry was a brave daddy on Saturday and took the kids to Watiki (minus Ez who napped at my folks) while I worked. When they returned, they were understandably famished. Terry busted out the chips and salsa and everyone dug in. Ezra has loved chips for a while but we were surprised that he wanted to dip his chip into the salsa. He kept yelling for us to let him and yelled more if we took it away. 

He did actually eat it. And quickly!  I'm wondering if in general he likes Mexican or spicy foods better. He seems to eat better when there's beans, rice or spiciness involved. 

He's also recently started "cheesing" for the camera. He even says "cheese," which is what he's doing here. Cutie. He won't have those chubby cheeks for long. He will be a big two year old on the last day of May. Already that seems too close. Sob.

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