Wednesday, February 25, 2015

potato stamp printing press

Two days ago we were reading in history about Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of the printing press. What I love about teaching the kids history is that I'm learning right along beside them. I had a pretty terrible exposure to any history other than the Pilgrims and WWII so I find it all so very fascinating. 

At the end of the chapter they suggested we make potato stamps. Like I've said before, I do not enjoy crafts and I'm totally not a sugary "sweet" kind of person who does this all the time. However, I remembered these cookie cutters my mom gave me a few years ago and that they'd be super easy to use. So that's what we did.

It only took minutes to make the stamps and then the kids were busy stamping and painting away.

They had a lot of fun and it made me feel good too. Plus, hopefully they'll remember how important the printing press was.

Noah's leaf stamps. 

Evie's stamps. 

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