Tuesday, February 3, 2015

snow ball jumps

On New Years day, Terry made the kids 3 huge snow balls in the back yard. I forgot Terry had taken a few action shots and slow-motion videos with his phone while they were out there, or else I would have added them to the post I already wrote about this day. They were fun though or else I would have just said forget it.

Noah tires of being outside rather quickly so I'm assuming he was already inside at this point. However, Evie loves playing outside. And Samuel mostly just likes playing with Evie. Here they are posing on their snow balls. Evie's so gangsta.

Evie is just the best. So goofy and silly and legitimately funny. She cracks me up. Look at her face!

And another silly face. I don't think I could coordinate jumping with funny faces, but she sure pulls it off.  

I'd look more like Samuel - smiling with my eyes closed. He didn't really jump. He just sort of stepped off the snow ball and fell. 

Evie's graceful jump...

Samuel's step and fall. 

Terry's phone does slow-motion video but apparently it doesn't translate onto our laptop. But here are two 5 second videos of Evie and Samuel jumping. 



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