Thursday, February 5, 2015

Samuel's 4th birthday

When we enter into the new year, around here that means birthday season is right around the corner. Samuel is always the first up on February 1st (Evie in March, Noah in April and Ezra in May). But since the Superbowl was on his actual birthday, we thought we'd celebrate on Saturday the 31st. That didn't work out too well for having people over for a party since the weather turned. On the other hand it was all good since Samuel essentially got two parties. 

So the morning of Saturday, January 31st, Samuel was awoken by the rest of us singing Happy Birthday, even though it wasn't his actual birthday. Then we came upstairs where he found a monkey helium balloon and a small pile of presents for later in the day. I made waffles for the little punk and we got started having a relaxing day (er, the kids relaxed - I worked my butt off). 

Evie might have been looking forward to Samuel's birthday the most. Perhaps because she is the most social, I don't know. 

Samuel has been super into Curious George lately. Daddy has been reading it to him nearly every day. And since Noah's teacher told him he needs extra practice reading, he got to read to Samuel that morning. But he practically has it memorized from all the times we read it to him when he was Samuel's age. I thought it was quite adorable.

I was busy cleaning and cooking and baking all day long. Later Samuel got to watch his favorite show, Cars, which was also Noah's favorite at that age. 

Terry's dad stopped by mid-afternoon to hang out until dinner and the party afterwards. However, it started to rain freezing drizzle, the roads became super slippery and it snowed later. We heard on the news that they were closing the interstate and so Jerry decided he better drive home before it was too late. Then my folks and Nathan and Ana backed out as well. Shari and Jesse were going to try to come until they realized that since they live on a steep hill, they probably wouldn't be able to get back up it. And thus, our party went from sixteen to just the six of us.

Samuel was fine with it though - Evie was the one who was bummed. All Samuel wanted was some chocolate cake and presents.  

It's time! It's time! It's time! 

Daddy got the candle ready while Noah recorded with daddy's phone. 

Happy birthday to little Somuel (his nickname, pronounced S-ah-muel)! Four just seems so much bigger than three. He's been saying for weeks "My bird-day's comin!" and all about how he was going to be four. As soon as the day came, however, he said he was eight. 

His first gift was "from" his siblings. They're all obsessed with these little Switch and Go Dinos. So we got him another little one.  

Terry's folks got Samuel this light saber/blaster. It's super cool and Samuel loves it.  

Mommy and Daddy got Samuel some easy to transform Transformers. They've been watching the cartoons on Netflix and Samuel has been carting around Noah's more advanced Transformer toys. He sure loves these ones, especially Bumblebee - "Bum-bug-bee." He's his favorite. 

And then it was time for that glorious cake. That frosting is my favorite so I'm happy that Samuel at least prefers chocolate to rainbow cake.

Look how Samuel's entire face is stretching to get that bite in. HA!

Noah loved the Transformers so much he forgot to eat his cake. 

Evie and Ezra were ramming the Dinos together. 

 Because of the icy roads church had been cancelled that night. In the morning it was calm and beautiful, but perhaps a little slippery and dangerous under that dusting of snow. I love the view out our backyard. That's National Guard land so nobody is ever back there, except National Guardsmen. And they're fun to watch.

After being sang to again, Samuel came up ready to play with his new toys.  

Light saber. Oh yeah!

Two birthdays isn't so bad. We all got more waffles! Here's my big fuzzy headed four year old! 

After breakfast all the kids except Ezra went outside to shovel/sweep snow. Samuel looks so puffed up here in his coat that it's funny. "I'm here to up."

The boy is going to work. 

Sweep that snow son! 

My folks came over after lunch, gave Samuel his gift and we all had some more cake. Can you tell he's excited?

Oh yeah, he was very excited. They got him both Planes movies. He loves those movies because they're just like Cars. Happy birthday Samuel! We love you!

And for posterity, here's what I posted on facebook for his birthday: 
This morning at 4:58am Samuel officially turned 4 (though he keeps insisting he's 8). Our little caveman Somual (as we like to call him - S-ah-muel) is tall, skinny and loud, and is getting better at talking and sharing. He's athletic and can throw a ball pretty hard and accurate. He loves Cars, Planes, Transformers and Star Wars. So hard to believe he's 4, it seems so big! We love you Samuel!

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