Sunday, February 22, 2015

family piano

Since August Noah and Evie have been working hard on their piano lessons. They're already to the point of choosing and memorizing recital songs. They've gotten a lot better!

On Wednesday mornings Terry goes in to the church later since he's there late for youth group. While he's home, he goes over the kids' new lessons for the week. 

So when Ezra and Samuel sat down at the piano together and started messing around I grabbed the camera. But by the time I got there everyone had joined them - even better photo op.

Cute little Dwidgie. Yeah, Ezra received that nickname after we watched a movie with the word "dirigible" in it. I started calling Ezra "Dirigible" since it was so fun to say. Then it got shortened to Dwidgie, Dwidge and Widge. I made up a song too. He's a cute Dwidgie. 

And here are Noah and Evie performing a London Bridges duet a few days before.

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