Sunday, February 1, 2015

building shelves

Two weeks ago Terry was bored on his day off (he's a busy body). Since we'd always talked about adding some built-in shelving to the furnace room, he did a little shopping and got started. As way of reminder,  our house started out with an unfinished basement that we finished the summer of 2013. Wow, it's crazy that it used to look like this. Now we have students down there weekly!
The basement didn't originally have a room surrounding the furnace. Terry added that. This picture contains the old furnace, but you can see how there's space to the left and right of the furnace for storage. We used to have a large plastic Menards shelf on the foundation wall along with two cheap wooden shelves tucked up against it. You can see the plastic shelf next to the old furnace... It was pretty bulky.

The first thing Terry did was take out the old plastic shelf and move the wooden book shelves next to the door.

What lovely drywall right? Yeah, Terry did that too :) These two bare walls are where he constructed the new built-ins.

First he cut support boards and screwed them into the wall...

Then he started on the frame. Ezra was a big help = Eva puts the camera down to scurry over there and remove Ezra from the premises...

Then he screwed the actual shelves down. What was great about this project is that it was almost entirely paid for by Menards rebates :)

Once we had everything in there I made him stand in the picture for a size comparison. He was so pleased.

Look at those great shelves! It actually makes our pile of games look smaller than they ever have previously. We've also got the keyboard in there for when the kids need to practice during quiet nap time. Or Terry has been known to work in there when necessary since it's quiet (the furnace drowns out the kids' din) and hidden  (the kids nearly forget he's home).

Nice right?! It adds a lot more free space in here. 
Take no notice of our extra food stocks... HA! It's a work in progress okay? 
Noah is going to start keeping his large Star Wars Lego ships up there. Plenty of room for more storage.
We joke that the kids could sleep on those shelves. 

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