Sunday, February 15, 2015

Grampa, Grace, Samuel bdays

Last weekend we all headed out to the ranch to hang out and celebrate Samuel's birthday, along with Grampa's and Grace's (both in January). Really, their birthdays had already been celebrated, but since Samuel's party was foiled by icy roads we didn't have a chance to exchange gifts with Grace. Plus we hadn't been out there since Christmas and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, even for February. It was close to 70 degrees! So after lunch and the littles were napping, we went on a 4-wheeler ride to the south like we often do (we did a 3-in-1 back in September also).

It'd be nice to live right smack dab here.

They only have pine trees on this back corner of their land. It's our favorite part.

This is the view from those trees.

There's me and Evie, taking a cell phone picture of Terry...'s what I was seeing :)

When we returned to the house we got out Noah's bb gun, our .22, a paper target and 4 pop cans full of water. Then Jerry brought out his .22 and his pistol. 

Terry was trying to get the rifle's scope lined up right. 

I made a bulls eye on my second shot :D It was from about 30 yards.

And finally we went back inside where we had to wake up Samuel so we could have cupcakes, gifts and go (we had plans at church that evening). Poor little guy was absolutely out and didn't want to wake.

Here are all the birthday peeps awaiting their song. Poor Samuel is quite tired.

Blowing out the candles :)

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