Monday, September 15, 2014

3 in 1 ranch birthday

Terry turned 36 on September 3rd. His birthday always slides under the radar because it's before Youth Group has started and it's not listed on facebook. He gets this day off from work so we were able to go shopping for a gift all together. He chose to get his mountain bike tuned up. Kind of boring but that's what he wanted! It needed to happen. The seat had even fallen off. 

That evening I made spiral sandwiches without the cheese soup since it was so hot out. Terry made a break from his usual favorite angel food cake for chocolate cake and frosting. I was all too happy to oblige. We celebrated just the six of us since we were planning to go to the ranch to celebrate Alice's birthday from August 26th, Terry's on September 3rd and mine coming up on September 17th.

So that Saturday, the 6th, we headed out the ranch for an afternoon of fun outside, dinner, cake and games. 

While Terry and his dad were trying to get the motorcycle to work (for some mysterious reason, it quit after we had only driven it a couple weeks before), Samuel was impatiently asking to go on the four wheeler. He used to be terrified of the thing just a few months ago. I'm glad he's wised up.

They got it started by pulling it, however that works. 

Terry just looks so big on it. Ha!

But get it started they did, and then Noah took a few turns up and down the drive way in first gear. He doesn't want to learn to switch to second gear yet but he'll get there. 

Jerry has some renters in the house we lived in before we went to Gburg and they have kids Noah and Evie's age. So Carson came by for a bit. 

While Shari and I were comfortably watching the fun from the shade, I took a creepy photo of myself with baby Sarah. She's just so darn cute! 

I don't know why but the bike died. They had to tow it back. Nice tow truck right? Hehehe. 

Terry wanted to go for a ride on his bike and we thought Samuel should go. He did not want to. This used to be his reaction to the four wheeler.  

He calmed down pretty quick though. 

While Terry and Samuel were off, Carson learned how to drive the golf cart. Noah didn't want to for some reason. 

I went to find Terry and then we went out together with Noah and Samuel. 

Samuel had to ride with me on the four wheeler. He tries to drive the thing and turns the handle bars when he wants us to turn. Little punk.

Terry wanted to go over some little hills overlooking the creek and field next to the road. 

Noah was freaking out at this point because it was a little steep. But really he had fun. 

"Are you coming or what?" 

It was just so pretty out there that I had to take some photos. I wanted to keep going forever! 

Here we are close to where Terry proposed to me.  

We made our way back to the one corner of land that has some pine trees on it. Having a cabin back there would be amazing. 

I just wanted to sit there and enjoy the view but we kept riding. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect. 

One more shot. I had so many pretty pictures that maybe I should have posted them to facebook, but I settled for a long blog post :) 

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