Wednesday, September 10, 2014

6 pack on the bike path

With the forecasted snow for the next two days (it's only September 10th!!!), I am very much missing the weather we had two weekends ago when we went on a family bike path ride. 

We hauled our bikes down the hill to Canyon Lake and then headed east on the bike path to Memorial Park. I had Ezra in the baby seat behind me and Terry pulled Samuel while Noah and Evie rode. And poor Evie. She had the smallest bike with no gears with her little legs just pumping nonstop, working harder than of all of us, and she didn't complain at all! In fact, at one point, when we had just crossed the bridge at the top of Omaha, she exclaimed, "I just feel so good right now!" Yeah, that's from The Lego Movie, but she applied it appropriately. I think she takes after me - she appreciates being outside.

I mapped out route out on and found that we biked nearly 10 miles!

When we got to Memorial Park we stopped to take a short break and drink some water. At first we thought Ezra was sleeping with his eyes open. He was so still and catatonic. 

Then he looked at Terry. Nope, still awake. Just lulled into oblivion on the back of my bike.

What a hard peddling happy girl. 

Terry took my picture while I was looking at Evie, thinking he was taking Evie's. So there's me.

And Noah. I hadn't seen all the improvements made to this park. It's nice. The wind was blowing the fountain water at us, making us cold.

Samuel was so thirsty he had to have 2 water options. He's all sweaty but he didn't do anything except sit there. 

The way back was a little harder since it was all uphill (only a very very slight grade though). We stopped at McDonalds for a special ice cream snack and then at Sioux Park for some playing. That ride was so much fun...even though mapmyrun said I only burned 52 calories for 2 hours of riding :P

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