Monday, September 22, 2014

first snowman...and apples

On September 11th, it snowed. Even though it was still summer. The snow and clouds and furnace heat and jeans and socks were totally depressing and unwelcome to me, but my kids were excited. Probably because the boys got to break out their new winter coats and there's more to do in the back yard when there's snow - Evie went out in the morning and made a snowman (she especially likes to do this). At least we didn't get an Atlas for our first snow like last year - shudder.

The following day, Friday, was Terry's day off. He's taken the lead as far as our apples go. He got out the ladder and apple picker and got to work gathering some together. I should really be making a pie, applesauce and apple butter right now. But I don't want to. I might go eat one though...

Dropping apples.

Thankfully the snow melted very fast. The snowman held on through the day :) 

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