Sunday, October 27, 2013

Atlas day 2

The day following our night without power brought a stop to the snow. It started melting right away. It was, after all, only October 5th.Terry got started digging out right away - as well as all of our neighbors. It was nice to see everyone outside talking to each other. Terry started digging out back. I thought the path he made was most  impressive.

My view from the back door. The drift was huge. 

This is our neighbor across the street. Unfortunately, trees all over the hills look like this, including one is our back yard that Terry had to cut down.

Cars buried under two feet of snow. Our overgrown bush in front of deck is bent all the way down to the ground. It cracked and Terry cut it down. I didn't like it anyway.

No mail silly Noah.

Check out the drift in front of the garage. That's gotta be like 4 feet high. And the door propped open with a board.

The snow drift in the back went over our fence to the neighbors. 

This snow was so sticky the kids boots were continually being sucked off. I had to go rescue Evie later because neither she nor Noah could get one of hers pulled out. 

Just before lunch our power came back on. Hallelujah! Terry's sister's power was still out. They didn't even have a shovel! Since they only lives a little more than a half mile away, Terry made some hot coffee, put it in a thermos on his back and hiked over there with a spare shovel. He also got their gas stove turned on. There he goes, brother to the rescue!

While Terry was gone the kids played outside for a while. It's more fun when you can come back in to a warm house (warming up house).

They played on the huge pile off the back deck where there was a drift and also the snow that Terry had shoveled. It was probably five feet tall. 

Samuel, Ezra and I just hung out, thankful that the heat was turned back on! 

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