Wednesday, October 2, 2013

dungeon: part 9, ceiling, beam

 Back over the Labor Day weekend, Terry and my brother knocked out the last really big dungeon project: the ceiling! I guess right before that we took care of the support beams too.

Here's what it looked like back in May for the inspection.

And here's the beams and ceiling afterwards! Terry also insulated between every single floor joists before he started on the panels.

Looking towards the stairs.

And again. 

I can't believe how much brighter it made the room. The white really took away the dungeon feel. Plus, the white beams. Originally I had planned on doing dark brown trim like in the rest of the house but changed my mind in favor of something cleaner and brighter. We like it. It was a ton more work than just plain white paint would have been - we stained it white (three coats!) and then put polyurethane over it. The good news is we got all the floor trim done at the same time.


  1. Love Samuel's little crouch stance next to Evie. :-)

    1. Yes! He does everything his big sister does :)