Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sister visit, Ezra flight

My sister lives far away in Washington state with her husband and three pets. I miss her. I had no idea when I'd see her again (the last time was last Thanksgiving) since she's so far away, visits are expensive and they have no one to watch their pets. But I came home from a busy, stressful Thursday at homeschool co-op just a couple days after my birthday (it was September 19th) to find a couple of plane tickets taped to the inside of our garage door. I was so confused. Why would mom or dad tape old plane tickets to my door? I tried to read the tickets. They were issued to Stephanie but I had a hard time finding the date. It seemed like it took forever to find the date! When I found that it was earlier that day, Noah called out, "STEPHANIE!" I hurried inside and found her sitting in my living room, smirking her Stephanie smirk. Y A Y ! 

I literally had NO idea whatsoever that she was coming. Dad was in on it. He picked her up from the airport. My brother Nathan and Ana knew about it too. But mom didn't. Steph hung out with us the rest of that day and the following morning, mom's birthday, got up early to drive over there and surprise her. It worked. Mom had no idea either and freaked out, nearly throwing the laptop she was holding. She was so happy. I wish I could have seen it. 

Steph stayed for ten whole days. It was great. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was so fun just hanging out. It's nice to have someone who completely understands the Kveene dark humor. She even got to see us get carpet in the dungeon and watch our first movie night down there. We got to go shopping like in the old days. And she got to meet little Ezra!
little monkey butt

Suffice it to say, Ezra liked her.

Of course, he smiles at everyone. But I'm sure this was a special smile just for Stephanie.

"Hmmmm, you remind me of someone. You kinda look like my mommy."

Bubble face. 

He's gonna be huge the next time she sees him :(

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