Monday, May 20, 2013

dungeon: part 5, inspection

It has been quite a while since my last dungeon post - nearly two whole months since the window went  in! Terry has been slowly plugging away at the electrical wiring but he is completely done now (Wow, I didn't even intend to make that pun. Terry would be proud). We had the electrical and framing inspection this morning! 

Here is the one photo I managed to take during the inspection. I'm a little excited about moving forward (you might notice a lot of exclamation points...)! At the top of this photo you can see the smoke detector Terry installed. It had to be wired to the electrical box so that took some time to figure out. The fireplace in the corner is still undecided upon. 

Excuse me while I use my kids to cute-ify an otherwise unsightly, unfinished, kinda boring dungeon. As you can see though, we are thinking about carpeting! The scrap the kids are sitting on is what we have in Samuel's room which we already love. We might just go ahead and get more down there. I am still debating but have plenty of time before we reach that point.

Here is a shot of the lights - the cans in the ceiling and the lamp plugged in to the wall. We have power downstairs! We only had one plug and one light switch and two pull-string operated light bulbs before. Now we have six cans on the north side of the house and four on the south, not to mention the natural light from the window! Oh, and we have a ton of electrical outlets now. This side of the room will have a game table and all the kid's toys. And perhaps a futon for guests later on.

This is looking towards the south side with the four can lights. That's where the big couch and TV will be going. On the wall under the beam are a couple switches that control the lights on both sides of the room. You know, just in case you don't want to go across the room to turn them off. We thought that'd be nice.

The door to the furnace room is new. Plus there are two lights and some outlets in there. The furnace room will hold a new furnace and some shelves for toys and games. 

The other thing that had held us up was trying to decide on heating for the dungeon. There is none there now. It's wonderful in the summer but kinda frosty in the winter. So Terry finally made a heating decision a couple weeks ago and that's how we are able to start moving forward again. Progress!

Here is the door to the next level up. You can see a switch and light at the top of the stairs. There was a switch there before that controlled one bulb down the stairs, but no light at the top of the stairs. Also, next to the kids is a 3 way switch. Those operate the two sides of the rooms of can lights and the top of the stairs light.

Here's the view from the south side of the room looking into the utility room. That wall is where the TV will go. So the next thing on the agenda is to insulate and drywall. At that point we can have the final inspection where they will look for a few added things. Then we can paint, put in the drop ceiling, carpet and then the finishing touches like trim. I can't wait to move our family room down there but it will take some time yet. Soon though! Yay!

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