Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The kids received a trampoline from Terry's parents for their collective spring birthdays. They have been enjoying it immensely. Daddy too. He's been teaching them all sorts of flips and tricks. They've played all sorts of funny games, my favorite being "Han Solo," also known as "Marco Polo." If you hadn't noticed, we are Star Wars fans around here.

Apparently this leap of Evie's required some skill. Look at that face. Oh yeah.

Noah is much more chilled about his jumping. In fact, you can hardly tell that he's airborne.

Well, except in this shot he looks as if he's coming to attack. Evie too.

Terry can still do a real live front flip. And he's been teaching the kids. Evie does a somersault for now. She's working up to the real thing.

Noah gets some air though! He kinda looks like he's diving into a pool.

Evie is a lover of dance. But not dance class. She only dances at home. Here she is spinning I think. And I like the contemplative look she has on her face.

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  1. Those are some awesome photos! Trampolines are so fun - I hope you use yours more than we use ours! :-)