Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Awana Awards

This year at church for Awana, Noah completed his second year of Sparks and Evie her second year of Cubbies. Noah finished his second book a while ago and had to review it and then order a new review book to keep him busy. He does like to memorize... and receive awards. Evie finished her normal book. 

Here is Evie's group of little Cubbies and leaders.

She was so pleased and proud of her two little ribbons and certificate.

And here is Noah's Sparks group, which he will be in again next year. And actually, Evie will move up to Sparks also!

There he is. He was pumped as well. 

Noah had no idea anything else was forth coming, however. The Awana Commander, Shawn (pictured below), did let Terry know early that Noah would be receiving another award that night so I was to make sure I brought the camera and Terry was able to duck out of Youth Group to see the presentation.

I missed part of the award description, but basically, Noah was elected by the Sparks leaders for the Sparks Honor Award. This award goes to one girl and one boy every year and is based on exemplifying good character traits such as hard work, honor, respect, good sportsmanship. I was also told that they look for kids who are not afraid to share the gospel and who are enthusiastic, going above and beyond the average Sparky. That's our Noah!

He was so so so happy and proud. He kept saying, "Are you impressed?" The boy wants to know we're proud of him. And over and over the answer was "YES!" 

Evie did not want to be outshone by her big brother. Everything is a competition with them. Poor girl. She has no chance of ever winning a race against him since he's three years older. But she did excellent in Awana too. I'm amazed at what they can memorize. Way better than their mama.

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