Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Noah's 8th birthday

Noah turned eight on Friday, April 19, 2013 at precisely 12:24pm. Eight seems like such a big number. Appropriate for him though since he is so big. How'd that happen? On one hand I can remember his birth so distinctly and on the other it seems so long ago so as to have never happened. 

The night before Noah and Evie helped me to make a rainbow cake. I didn't have the white box cake I usually use so I found a from scratch recipe online through King Arthur flour. It sounded delicious. However, the cake was pretty heavy and wouldn't mix like usual. I had to sort of pile the colors together in the pan. 

The morning of the 19th began with Noah waking up to mommy and daddy signing the birthday song. Noah was very much looking forward to that. Once the kids came downstairs, they discovered Daddy had got up early to get donuts for the occasion. The kids all were wearing new t-shirts I had got on clearance the day before so they were all excited about that.

 It might have been a mistake to tell Noah the exact time he was born because he wanted to sing with his lighted cake at that exact time. However, we were at Menards having "the worst birthday ever" so we missed the 12:24pm mark. I think I'll never go to Menards with the kids again. He did get Culvers for lunch so that improved the situation a little.

So here's the cake. It looked pretty decent but me and Noah were not a fan of the taste. There was too much almond extract! Noah said the cake was "horrible" and didn't want to eat it. The frosting (which was wonderful) improved it only slightly for me.

Luckily all was redeemed when it came time for presents. He got a new Ballistiks ball/car and a transformer.

But the crowning glory was his new Star Wars Lego thingy. He had said he wanted a different Star Wars Lego model so we bought that one. Then he saw this one and swore that he really wanted this one. So Terry returned it and got this one instead. He was very happy.

Grampa B was in attendance. Snap loves the Grampas.

And my folks were there too. As well as Shari and Grace.

The afternoon was spent putting together all the new toys. It took daddy quite a while to figure out the new Transformer - unfortunately it was very complicated and difficult. Noah took it to church that weekend and was most upset when he couldn't get it to go together right. So daddy spent like 20 minutes working on it in the lobby while visiting with people!

That evening we had pizza and a family movie night. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty good day, despite what Noah said at Menards.
Evie was playing with new Lego guys and Noah put his new Star Wars thing together all by himself!

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