Tuesday, May 21, 2013

trampoline sleep over

Terry's parents gave the kids a trampoline for their birthdays this spring. They have been loving it! And even more so since we moved it to the back of the yard in the shade of the pine trees. 

So anyway, Evie somehow got this idea of camping in her head. I think it might have been a friend we visited a couple weeks ago who was talking about going camping with her family. Ever since, Evie had been asking pretty incessantly about going camping and roasting marshmallows - though she has never gone camping. Terry thought a good compromise or practice for real tent camping would be to sleep on the trampoline on last Friday night. So that's what they did.

 This mama is a bit of a sleep Nazi, but I went with it. I wasn't necessarily pleased that they stayed up past 11pm and were awakened at about 5am by the sun... But Terry's right - the experience and bonding is more important. They all had a great time. I slept great in bed and so did Samuel. 
Jumping in sleeping bags

I did think it was kind of funny that as it got later, Noah got more and more annoyed at how much Terry and Evie were talking. That is totally me. Don't mess with me at night. 

It was cloudy that night so they were bummed that they couldn't see the stars. Luckily no thunderstorms came. When they were almost ready to sleep Evie prayed that she wanted to see the stars and what do you know, the clouds slowly moved and they were able to see the stars!

When it was first getting light out, Evie sat up and said "Happy birthday daddy! I like the lights!" Terry just looked at her, surmising that she was sleep talking, and told her to lay back down and go to sleep. She obliged him. That's the second time, that we're aware of, that Evie has sleep talked. The first time was a few months ago and really freaked me out. She made no sense at all and was laughing and crying alternatively. Funny girl!
All snuggled up at 930pm ready to NOT go to sleep. 

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