Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evie's 5th birthday

Our sweet little Evangeline turned a big five years old on the last day of March, the 31st. It seems unreal that she is five now. In my mind, she'll always be two or three for some reason. We sure love this little girl and are so thankful that we have at least one daughter! We couldn't ask for a better one either. She is sweet and friendly and sociable, a little mommy to her little brother Samuel, and attempting to boss her big brother Noah too. There's more push back from him though. Samuel is perfectly happy imitating her however.

I took Evie on a trip to Target a week or so before her birthday to get an Easter/birthday dress since both fell on her birthday this year. After we found out we were having another boy, I realized I had to enjoy this girl thing to it's maximum potential. Enjoying her freedom of choice, she picked the girliest dress possible... She received very many compliments at church that morning.

I love this photo of her amongst her fluff.

After an Easter lunch with both sets of grandparents, we had cake and ice creak once Samuel was up from his nap (which took forever for the poor birthday girl). She "helped" me the day before to make her choice of rainbow cake.

I first made this cake last year and it's probably all she and Noah are ever going to want. All that food coloring is okay once or twice a year right?

Terry's folks bought all three kids a combined birthday gift this year, as they are wont to do, similar to birthday time two years ago.

 Evie also received a crocheted "denim" jacket from my mom. She is way more talented than me. My sister got those same creative genes, where as I received my dad's ability to sit and read. 

Mommy and daddy gave her a baby to care for since she will soon have another baby brother. I figured since she was already babying her stuffed animals, perhaps she'd like a proper baby doll with a feeding apparatus. However, since Gramma gave her a new Easter bunny toy, she said baby "Jessica" is dead. Yeah. Had to laugh at that one. And be a little disturbed as well.

After gifts, we had an Easter egg hunt, pizza and a family movie night. Talk about a busy day. With the perfect spinning dress.

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