Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 spring blizzard

The snow began this last Monday night and we had to cancel our high school bible study.

The snow continued Tuesday, yesterday, and they cancelled school. Except our kids are homeschooled so they didn't get out of anything. They did play outside in the snow with daddy a couple times though. I think this was the first shoveling of the back deck for the day. 

The snow blew off the roof, making it drift onto the back deck.

We got 16 inches that first day but this picture makes it look like so small an amount compared to what we ended with today.

This pile was much bigger the next day. Evie is a snow playing fool. She does better out there than both of her brothers.

Noah and Evie chillin on the back deck drift. Samuel was not allowed out since it was too cold and pregnant mama didn't want to have to deal with the crying.

Daddy even shoveled the trampoline. He also shoveled the driveway and sidewalk twice.

 Day 2 snow day! It continued to snow throughout the night putting our total up to 25 inches! They cancelled school again but still our kiddies had to do school at home because their teacher is totally mean. But it always help to have the option to play in snow for recess and the kids were so excited to go out again. Daddy had to dig out a path for them to walk in (mostly for Samuel and Snap's benefit).

Samuel was a little afraid in the snow channels. He got a face pull of snow when he fell and didn't last long outside.

Daddy shoveled the slide shut and the kids had fun wriggling through it as if they were being born. Noah liked to come out breech.

Evie came out headfirst.

The sun came out just before breakfast, then clouded up and snowed lightly for part of the afternoon and then finally cleared up again. Since it was so nice, I sent the kids out again. Samuel handled it much better this time around.

Here's the pile off the back deck. Noah and Evie packed it down so well that Samuel could climb up it and slide or walk back down the other side. It's gotta be as tall as Evie.

Poor Evie is always forced to wrestle.

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