Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Easter 2013

This year Easter fell on Evie's fifth birthday, which made for a super busy and fun day. After Easter lunch with both sets of grandparents, cake, ice cream and presents, we all headed outside for an egg hunt.

The grandparents enjoyed themselves during the hunt, perhaps talking about our neighbor's huge pit.

A common sight: Evie following Noah around.

Shari, Jesse and Grace were able to come for most of the festivities. They were helping Noah find some of his harder eggs. The kids could only pick up eggs with their names on them. But the 12 resurrection eggs were game for anyone to pick up. 

Samuel tromping around. Daddy helped him.

The last egg to be found was hidden amidst this vine plant thing I need to take down. Noah knocked it out with a bat and Daddy caught it. 

All done! Then we headed inside to open the eggs. 

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