Wednesday, April 17, 2013

science: water drinking plants

Our school year is nearly done. This pregnant mama is glad of that. I'll have all of May to prepare for the new baby boy's arrival. Anyway, we have done well this year on time, owing perhaps to the "gentler" curriculum we tried this year. It's gone well, but I think I am ready to try something different next year. 

A couple weeks ago, we had some gorgeous weather (as opposed to the foot of snow we have on the ground currently), perfect for the celery to pull up some blue food coloring water and for Evie's spring grass to show us how plants expel some water through their "leaves." I forgot to take an after photo, but you can imagine. The celery leaves were tinted blue and the "veins" were also blue. The bag over the grass was all wet.
Also, Noah looks so big to me here! He will be eight years old in just two days but his stance and build in this photo just really reminded me of his Daddy. Can't believe Noah is so big! And Evie too. She will be starting Kindergarten next year! Geesh.

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