Monday, September 8, 2014

church luau

Last year our Director of Connections organized this fun fall kick off event at church called the County Fair. He did it again this year as a luau. I didn't get any photos (because I was so busy with my own kids and laughing at Terry get wet) so I swiped some off the facebook page :) It was a fun day, though sort of windy for all the water! That didn't stop them from dousing poor Terry though... ;)

Complete with bouncy castles, gaga ball and a whole roasted pig!

Poor Pastor Dave received the most votes to get dunked and went first.

Terry was up next - the look of pain! Poor guy didn't even have time to change. He made the best of it though.

Anyone who wanted to get him wet had to pay $1 (which was then used to raise money for youth trip scholarships). Then they were given 3 wet pool balls to throw at this bullseye. If they hit the bullseye the bucket turned over. But some of those kids got tired of missing (or the bullseye wasn't sensitive enough) and they eventually just went up and hit it with their hand! Very cold water, especially with the wind blowing. It felt more like a fall day than a summery August 24th. 

Terry purchased this old vinyl sign and used it as a slip-n-slide! 

Not many went down it, but it looked pretty fun nonetheless. There goes Terry!

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