Monday, September 15, 2014

all drains lead to the ocean

Terry's sister asked us to feed their fish a couple weeks ago while they went to Sioux Falls for a wedding reception. Terry went that night and found their fat goldfish stuck, swimming upwards in the little shelter thing.

He couldn't get him out no matter what he tried so he finally grabbed Shari's tweezers and gently pulled him out. Then he started swimming upside down...  Not a good sign. 

I think that the fish was in it's death throws the night before and that's why it was swimming in the tower. The following morning, before church, we went over to feed the fish and found fat goldfish dead, floating in the water. 

I must have a dark sense of humor. Terry felt bad that their fish was dead, especially on our watch, but I thought it was really funny. We recorded this video of Terry's eulogy to the fish to send to Shari. Didn't think she'd want us to keep the fish around for them to flush themselves. After all, as Shari reminded us, all drains lead to the ocean.

I accidentally took a photo of Terry washing his hands afterwards and thought it was rather appropriate.  And humorous. 

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