Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 fair

Since we came back to Rapid in 2012, Terry's folks taken the kids to the Central States Fair to ride the rides and see the sights, but mostly for the rides. The first year I had no photos. Last year I got a couple from our moms. This year Terry and I both attended so we actually got to see what fun the kids were having. And turns out, I think a big part of the reason Terry's dad likes to take the kids is because he likes the rides for himself :). It sure seemed that way to me anyway. But I like the rides too! I think next year I'll get a wristband as well and have a blast like I used to when I was little. The fair used to be the highlight of my year!

Grace got to go along again as well. Evie loves her little girl cousin. She's the closest thing she has to a sister after all.

And Samuel loved all these little rides, especially the car ones. I think Noah was only in them because they were at the beginning of the midway and he had to start there before he could go systematically through all the rides. He's a perfectionist like that. 

Miniature roller coaster but too little for Samuel. Next was the mirror house and the lady let Evie take Samuel and Grace through even though they were too small. It was hilarious to watch them run into mirrors and look all confused. So funny!

The further you went down the midway, the bigger the rides got. Look at Grampa on that lay down Superman-like ride!

Terry was able to capture a couple shots of his dad really enjoying himself. The same can't be said for Evie in this photo though. Ha!

Grampa was so happy to be crashed into by Noah :)

Samuel loved these motorcycles!

Evie didn't want to do anything real scary so she was content and happy to do the baby rides with Grace.

I loved these flying swings when I was little. My folks have the funniest photo of an Evie-size-me in these swings with my feet all dangling cockeyed sideways like my ankles were broken. I just have weird ankles.

They were even able to see the Asian Elephant show.

The littles plus Evie are trying to turn themselves in this little bear. I posed this photo because you can see Gramma to the side. Proof she was there!

Shari came later with baby Sarah and her friend Caryn. They had a hankering for rides that they had to satisfy. I also love rides and was convinced to pay to go on just one ride - the scariest one there that swings you back and forth until you go upside down. Terry and I did also get to go on the free fall ride. I screamed like a little girl.

There's me, Shari and Caryn. It was SO much fun. I screamed and screamed. I haven't had that much fun in forever.

Halfway up!

Upside down! AH! AH! AWESOME!

When it started to rain we went into the bunny/chicken barn and wandered around. I was quite in love with this miniature bunny. I even let him nibble on my precious camelback a little. :P

After some subs for dinner we headed back out there for maybe another hour, until it was going to rain again. In the end, we were caught in a deluge. I was absolutely soaked by the time I got to the van

Ezra finally got out of his stroller and went on the carousel with Daddy. :) He was so confused.

I like this photo because Samuel didn't care that he was all alone on the ride. He was having so much fun!

Let all the crazy out, Evie :)

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