Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Samuel at Watiki

How is it that the summer goes so quickly? We had learned early in the summer that Watiki had new summer hours and was open in the mornings during the week but still didn't make it there until mid-August (our problem is that Terry's day off is Friday so we never go in the evenings when it's usually open). 

But after all the craziness of June youth trips and July vacation and school room renovation, we finally got there on August 15th. It was awesome - the most fun we've had. For one thing, it was dead. We had our pick for tables and short lines. We started out in the pool to get Samuel acclimated to the water. He has not enjoyed swimming there very much but was slowly getting better. We made bounds of progress during this trip. I got him to jump to me in the pool and then we insisted that he go down the kid slides with Noah and Evie. There are three slides to the back of this thing. 

 We started Samuel out on the smallest orange one. He did not want to go and put up a little fight but followed Noah and Evie (since adults aren't allowed up there we couldn't go). And I have to say, Noah and Evie are so great. They just took him along and didn't leave him out and did such a great job encouraging him. He he is coming down the orange slide! 

The next largest slide is the green one. And look at that smile!! 

After that the only one to be conquered was the big yellow one. But that's the funnest, longest one that goes through the restaurant so by the time Samuel went down that, I think his fears were cured. 

Three happy kids :)

We took several photos of the kids in the see-through part of the yellow slide from the inside of the water park but they were terrible. So Terry finally went in to the restaurant (which says "swimsuits welcome!") and took photos from there after I had signaled him that the kids were on the way. This makes me wish I was a kid again. I would never have left. I would have stayed 12 hours easy.

I'm glad our kids get to go. Thanks again to Gramma and Grampa Biers for the yearlong pass

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