Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ezra growing up - haircuts and chewing

Little 14.5 month old Ezra only liked to eat pureed foods once we finally got him started eating cereal. It was just so easy for me to blend up whatever we were eating and feed him that instead of chopping and cutting and fighting. So I pureed. And Ezra got to the point where he wouldn't even eat mashed potatoes because they were too firm for him. Little punk. 

So on Monday, August 11 I had made this yummy chicken thigh, potato and carrot crock pot meal for dinner thinking that for sure he would be able to handle the incredibly soft and yummy carrots and potatoes. He would not handle them and did not think they were yummy. He threw an Ezra fit. And mommy felt super guilty for letting it get to this. I enabled him. This is him after he had some force feeding that night and I reached out to facebook for help.

But the good thing about all of it was that his reaction also furthered my resolve and I dug in my heels. It was time for battle. Little Ez was going to learn to chew or he wasn't going to eat. Little punk. So that next day wasn't so fun. And I thought since I was insisting he eat like a big boy, he should look like a big boy too. That first haircut is always so hard when you have a boy because it grows them up immediately. But it was time for him to grow up! So that Tuesday night he donned the haircut cape.

He squirmed and cried a bit until we got started. But funny enough, he calmed down once I got out the razor! Noah and Samuel have both freaked out about the razor, but somehow Ezra didn't mind it. Or he was fascinated by it.

Boom baby! 

He's a big boy now. No more baby. Well, kind of. He'll always be my baby. Though I'll try harder from now on not to spoil him...or myself.

The next day he still wasn't into solid foods. 

But a week later he was! Now he eats old fashioned oats and cut up bananas at breakfast, cut up peanut butter sandwiches for lunch and whatever we are eating for dinner. It's so great!

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