Tuesday, August 19, 2014

school room complete!

So. In my last post about the school room, I left off with a shot like this. Now it's time to go down the stairs and see what it all looks like now that it's put together and done. Yay! It's done! It feels so good. Writing this post feels so good too because it makes it seem more done. Overall, it's good to be done. ;)

This is what you saw when you came down the stairs before - a huge brick fireplace facade and freezing cold kids.

And this is what you see now :) No bricks and no fire and hopefully no freezing kids.

When we first moved in to this house two years ago, when the dungeon was unfinished and there was no boys bedroom next to the school room, this is what it looked like. Cramped much!

When we finished the dungeon and put our company couch, TV and toys down there, this is what our school room looked like (from  the last day of school in May). Also notice, there are no curtains and only green shades.

And now from the same vantage point :D 

The table my brother made all ready to go for school to start next week. 

I've been wanting an art caddy for a long time. After a failed purchase at Michael's last week, I scored this Pampered Chef tool-turn-around for much cheaper. I got a sweet deal. Another thing to make me smile.  

Here's the view from the corner of the room that used to be next to the fireplace. 

Looking west.  

I even organized my school closet today. I went through everything, took out and moved all the games downstairs (probably like 20-30 games) and put everything in it's place. This is also where I sew.

Looking towards where the fireplace was. We got that couch on clearance. Another score!

And here's just a parting shot of Ezra headed down to the dungeon to play. He'll have to get good at that while we're doing school in here :)

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