Tuesday, September 2, 2014

students over, thankfulness

Halfway through August we had a former youth group student, Amanda, over to share her first year experience at Stanford. We of course invited all over who were interested in hearing what it's like to be a Christian in college. 

Having students over in our house impresses on me (over and over) how thankful I am to have the house we that we do. God has truly blessed us with this house (this blessing began before we even arrived in Rapid!). It meets all our needs in abundance. 

We have a beautiful back yard with plenty of room for plenty of people.

There were lots of eyes peeled out for Ezra's safety amidst the big boy shenanigans. 

How cute is our little frisbee player? I love those pudgy cheeks. 

It really doesn't cease to amaze me that our dungeon used to look like this. Not the most hospitable place for people to hang out - kind of cold, dark, hard and messy.

And now it looks like this. Plenty of room for plenty of students. God has met our needs :)

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