Tuesday, April 15, 2014

post birthday ranch visit

We had planned to go to the ranch on Evie's birthday but since it ended up "blizzarding" we had to put it off until the weekend. By then the weather was pretty decent, though windy. We had hoped to see a baby calf born, but arrived not five minutes too late. We were able to see the new calf getting licked off and trying to stand up. So cute. Terry's dad had Terry take some photos of a 1949 or 1950 Studebaker that he was hoping to sell. I like it. I like the view too.

Before lunch Terry, Noah, Evie and I headed out four wheeling. That day was April 5th, only 14 days shy of our 12 year engagement anniversary. So, naturally, we had to make a stop at The Rock.
Notice the carving?

Terry proposed to me by carving it into this rock on the ranch. You can see the date to the far left: 4-19-03, which, incidentally, is the day Noah was born exactly two years later. Then it begins, "EVA WILL U..." 

"...MARRY ME?" The "YES" was not there originally, obviously. I carved it in afterwards. Actually, I only carved the "Y" and since I was having such a hard time, Terry filled in the rest. Hahaha.

From The Rock we drove to the fence line and looked at the houses, part of a neighborhood that never used to be there. Then we went to the east of Terry's grandparent's land, mostly the prairie dog town. Here's Evie and I parked on top of a mound.

Right before we headed back for lunch and birthday cupcakes, we stopped at this little pond to throw in old cow bones and then skip rocks. I nearly hit Terry twice and then decided I better stop. It was a fun day. 

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