Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Evie's first bike ride

Evie received a big girl bike for her birthday. No training wheels were allowed on it since she's had a Strider for two years now. It's a 20 inch bike but with her height she was supposed to be able to handle it, though she really did want training wheels. 

Turns out we were right. She can do it! While Noah was taking his 2nd grade standardized test a week and a half ago, Terry took Evie (and Samuel) to the same park Noah learned to ride at while we were living in my grampa's old house. It's difficult for her to get herself started on the bike. She needs help getting going but once she's going she's good! Terry says she'll figure it out quickly. Yay Evie!

When they'd had enough they threw rocks into the new and improved little creek over there.

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