Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Evie's free lamp makeover

Perhaps this post should have been called The Evolution of a Lamp, but since it's supposed to be about how I just made her old lamp over, I'll leave it. There are probably way too many photos and words here to justify a lamp, but I had such fun writing this, reminiscing about all the different places this lamp has been.

 Here's Evie's lamp, that blue, kind of ugly one. Pretty sure we've had that blue lamp since shortly after we were married nearly ten years ago! For some reason my friend Kari gave it and a couch to us back in the day when we lived at the ranch from 2004-2007.

And when I started thinking about that couch I knew I had a photo of me and Noah on it back in my snapfish archive and I had to find it. And find it I did! That couch was so uncomfortable with a board under it to keep you from like sinking to the floor. That's why we bought the green couches we have now. Look at how cute Noah is!!

And once I had found the old couch photo, I wondered if I could find some old photos of the lamp. I spent way too much time browsing my thousands of snapfish photos... But nonetheless, I found a shot from where we actually kept that old blue lamp at the ranch (and the new green couch) - in the back corner with Terry's t-shirt desk! Again, look at how cute Noah was!

We moved to Gburg in 2007 and moved that lovely lamp to the nearly empty guest room in the parsonage we started out in. You can just barely see it on the left. Again...Noah!

Then in 2010 we bought our first house in Gburg and again put the lamp in with the guest room. Such was the love we had for the lamp... and our guests?

When we moved to Rapid, I put the lamp in Evie's room because she has the lamest light in her room. It's a 40 watt bulb on the wall and it's like a night light. Not even exaggerating here. It's ridiculous. So obviously she needed a lamp. I found this photo on pinterest of a DIY mercury pottery barn lamp and thought perhaps I could makeover her ugly lamp. So when I was at Hobby Lobby last week and they had spray paint 30% off I bought some.

I didn't buy the correct (Looking Glass) spray paint, but I think it still looks nice. A lot better for sure!

And bam! There it is! I got the lampshade for 50% off at Hobby Lobby as well.

I like it. 

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