Wednesday, April 16, 2014

2nd grade testing

On Terry's day off last week, he took Evie and Samuel to ride her birthday bike for the first time while Noah stayed home with me to complete his second grade standardized test. Ezra napped through all the fun.

Noah is actually somewhere between 2nd and 3rd grade since we held him back and I'm trying to get him caught up. We couldn't just skip the test of course. I prepared him as much as I could and we got to work as soon as Ezra was napping. I was so nervous! But Noah was all, "I'm excited! Are you excited mommy?" Uhhh, yeah sure Noah. But not really.

It was really hard for me to watch him make a mistake and not try to help him. One time, upon finding his own mistake he said, "No, no, no. I almost fell into that trap!" Ha! 

Halfway through the reading comprehension section, he checked how far he had to go and exclaimed, "I'm excited! I'm excited!" Silly boy. 

At the end of about an hour we had a break. 

We took another break for lunch and then finished the test. It took about two or two and a half hours total.

Afterwards I loaded up the two boys and headed to the district office to return the test and run some errands - Noah was treated to his favorite candy bar, a Kit Kat. And once we all returned home, he chose to play Angry Birds on Terry's phone for another reward. I hope it went alright!

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