Tuesday, April 22, 2014

spring has sprung

Two Fridays ago, after Noah had finished his 2nd grade standardized test, the weather was gorgeous. I can remember last April when we had three snow storms and could hardly make it to Nathan and Ana's in Watertown for a visit due to the 40 inches of snow we received that month. However, this year we are two thirds of the way through April and I'm hopeful we've avoided any more snow until fall. 

So anyway, the beautiful weather just really struck me when I looked outside that afternoon to see everyone on the trampoline playing away.

It felt so good Terry turned on the grill and busted out the smores! 
Hi Ezra! :)

He crawls like a proper big boy now. None of that army crawling anymore.

Samuel took one bite and was done. Didn't like it! 

Nice face right? That's the correct way to eat a smore. 

I could eat three or four of those babies. The kids don't think they're as amazing as I do. 

See? Ezra is not so sure about the smores. 

Evie can do the monkey bars all by herself! Of course daddy has to be nearby... 

Cute baby! You can see his first little tooth! He's had that since he got sick and had the reaction to Amoxicillin, at the beginning of April. So he was just 10 months old. Nearly 11 months now! 

Blurry, but he's been sticking his tongue out like this a lot lately. Silly baby. 

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